Friday, September 11, 2009

40 Hour Famine 09'

Once again I am going to do the 40 Hour Famine to support starving children and families in third world countries such as Kenya. I've done the famine for the past two years and very successfully I might add. Several people from my school who've participated in the event in previous years have 'accidentally' forgotten they were on the famine and gone and eaten something.

I'm not really looking forward to this year's famine as I'm probably going to be going out with a friend to see a movie and normally after that sort of thing I'd have a nice takeaway and an ice-cream from McDonald's but now I'll have to sit there and watch her eat...torture. I guess it really isn't that long though as it starts tonight at 8pm so I can have dinner beforehand and then the rest of the evening and the time I'm sleeping I won't be hungry anyway. So really once I get through Saturday I'll be fine. It would be horrible to be hungry 24/7, for people in developed nations food is such a big part of life, a large portion of our day is spent eating food, making food, preparing for people to come over and eat food with us, making shopping lists for food, the list goes on. The people in non-developed nations hardly have anything interesting to do in the day as their standards of living are so low, so imagine what it would be like without food as well! Then there's the diseases,lack of education and unhygienic conditions to add to that as well! I'm just glad that there is something that I can do to help.

So far I've raised $142 but plan to do some more door knocking tomorrow to collect some last minute donations. I went door knocking round the local neighbourhood last week with a friend but tomorrow I'm going to have to pluck up the courage to go it alone. Once I do one house I'll be fine I'm sure.

Well, I'm off to go eat.

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