Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Story of Your Life

"Somehow, everyone knows I'm a virgin" - C o m e t.

"My cell phone's silence really hurts" - carssuck16

"I didn't make High School Musical" - mcn1221

"Must. Get. Offline. Must. Do. Homework." - sparxsollaria

"Finally stopped drawing hearts on everything" - Nick-Nack

"Giving up real-world guys. Pursuing fictional." - 27 Cobalts

"Plotting tattoos, like elaborate revenge schemes." - 07181991

"This school is anything but Hogwarts" - WhatTheWorldDoesn'tKnow

"Biggest lie in America: 'I'm fine.' " - SparkelingGrey

Because babies don't judge anybody." - goldenslumbers

These are just some of the six word memoirs submitted by 13-19 year olds to the Smith Teens site in the hope that they would be added to the book, I Can't Keep My Own Secrets: Six Word Memoirs By Teens Famous & Obscure. The book is from the creators of the adult version,Not Quite What I was Planing:Six Word Memoirs By Famous & Obscure Writers which was a New York bestseller. The book is based around a simple question: Can You Tell The Story Of Your Life in Six Words?

About a year ago I discovered the site and started submitting tons of these memoirs and many of them were featured on the site's homepage which was a success in its self but a couple weeks back I received an email saying one of my memoirs was going to be published in the book along with 600 others from teens around the world! I feel very priveleged as there must have been literally thousands of memoirs submitted. As yet I don't actually know which one of my memoirs got published as the company said it was very complicated to figure it out but a free copy of the book is on its way so I'm sure I shall find out soon. I can't really remember any of my memoirs I submitted but I know several were incriminating to say the least so I'm really hoping it's a 'safe' one as my parents will be seeing the book.

Well I now finally have a claim to fame! I live by the motto "Take every opportunity you can." and in this case it definitely paid off!

The book came out on September 2nd in the US.

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