Friday, July 17, 2009

Banana Bread

After finding this little apron in the linen cupboard and discovering that it still fit me I was inspired to bake something new. My mother suggested "Banana Bread" as she had the recipe in an old cookbook of hers. The book is falling to pieces though, I need to see if I can get it laminated or maybe get it bound somehow at a stationary store (I will have to look into that). The book had a bunch of other savoury goodies in it that I would like to try out in the future: Barm Brack, Potato Scones, Welsh Cakes & American Brownies. Anyway, Here's the recipe for the Banana Bread with a couple of my own alterations mixed in.

Banana Bread

220g wholemeal self-raising flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp mixed spice
100g margarine
450g ripe bananas(approx. 4-5 peeled bananas)
120g caster sugar
100g sultanas
50g walnuts
2 eggs(lightly beaten)

Turn on your oven to 180C(350F) and then grease and flour a 600g loaf tin. Sieve flour, salt and spice into a mixing bowl. Rub in margarine until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Mash bananas and add to mixing bowl. Place walnuts into a plastic bag and crush them into small pieces using a rolling pin, then place into mixing bowl along with the eggs and caster sugar. Use an electric beater to mix until the mixture is well-blended and there are as little lumps as possible. Add in sultanas and stir with a wooden spoon. Pour mixture into tin and bake in the oven for 45mins to an hour(or until loaf is well risen and has a pale golden colour on top). Once cooked leave loaf in tin for 5 mins and then place on a cooling rack. I like to eat the loaf warm(10 seconds in the microwave if not fresh out of the oven) with a bit of extra margarine on top.

I can't remember exactly how I got this apron but I just remember wearing it at my great aunt's house in Ireland when I visited her when I was younger. I specifically remember having it on when I helped her make gooseberry jam. I really love the design and colours used on it,very sweet.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A hunting we will go

A hunting I did go and look what goodies I found around the house that belong to my mother:

A vintage metal/brass easter egg and some book plates with a unicorn on the front, it's a shame they were only in one design.

I really do love vintage and/or retro items so I thought I'd share with you the vintage style teacups I bought my mother for mother's day:

My mum and I tried a new tea we bought in them, white tea. It's meant to be really healthy for you and like green tea it reduces your chance of contracting dementia(If you drink it often enought that is!). It definitely is an acquired taste though, one which I have yet to 'acquire'. Maybe I just made it too strong though. I do want to try more of these fancy herbal teas and such in the future. In my local supermarket they now sell organic dandelion tea- wonder what that would taste like?

And look what I discovered....a flower!