Friday, September 25, 2009


My birthday is coming up soon, October the 8th to be precise. Been brainstorming a wishlist:

I'm not sure whether instead of having lots of little items I should just get one big thing, the big thing being a pocket video camera for $250

I can't believe that they've managed to cram a good quality camcorder into such a small device and it's in my absolute favourite colour - yellow! We've been without a camcorder for years and this one looks excellent plus is really easy to use and is very transportable. I'd finally be able to document my life and upload videos to YouTube plus edit clips like crazy. I think I might actually sacrifice the small items for the camcorder. I shall have to ponder...

This week I've been selecting fabrics to have my dad's dining chairs re-upholstered. He refuses to buy new dining chairs as you can't buy any with armrests anymore so he instead is going to fork out extra cash to get them all fixed up. I guess it'll be more envornmentally friendly though, which is always good. My dad's hopeless with colours so he's letting me pick out the fabric, I'll probably go with the green vine fabric, a nice earthy/neutral look to it so it'll go with everything. We might even get the couch done in matching fabric and have cushions made with the plain green fabric.

From time to time I'll be posting my bento lunch efforts which in the beginning won't be anything fancy but I have to start somewhere.

Instead of using bulky insulated lunch bags I just wrap a piece of cloth(an old bandana in my case) around my lunchbox and icepack. I find it works just as well and fits much easier in my bag.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mixed Emotions

Do you ever get that feeling where you are just so excited about something and want to share it with the world but for one reason or another just can't. I received my 6 word memoir book in the mail today and that is exactly how I feel:

It's definitely exciting to have been published but I really don't want people to know that the above memoir was mine. My friends at school will probably think it's not true as they regard me as a goody-goody while my mum may possibly be horrified because the memoir sounds like I'm taking drugs and doing alcohol. For me the memoir refers to how I've changed since primary school, I was a 'saint' in primary school and my mother and I had a good relationship but since I've started highschool I now swear, argue with my mum,am not as honest, leave my room in a mess, hand in assingments late and spend hours on the computer while my homework festers in a pile. I think it just shows how highschool can change a person and in some ways for the worse but don't worry I'm not all bad ;)

Now to redeem myself. I completed the 40 hour famine over the weekend! It was horrible though, much worse than I remembered. There was nothing to look forward to in the day, it just dragged on and I had no energy to do anything so it was extremely boring. Plus I had to watch everyone else around me eating their food-that was the worst part. I know I said I would go collect more donations during the famine but I had no energy. Still, I completed it and hopefully I can still get some more donations from my mum's piano students. I stuck up a sign and a little famine meter to encourage them to sponsor me, so hopefully I'll get a few more donations before the end of September.

So did anyone else do the famine? The official weekend was at the end of August but my school wasn't organised then so they moved it to the 11/12th but World Vision said you can do the famine any time before the end of September.

Friday, September 11, 2009

40 Hour Famine 09'

Once again I am going to do the 40 Hour Famine to support starving children and families in third world countries such as Kenya. I've done the famine for the past two years and very successfully I might add. Several people from my school who've participated in the event in previous years have 'accidentally' forgotten they were on the famine and gone and eaten something.

I'm not really looking forward to this year's famine as I'm probably going to be going out with a friend to see a movie and normally after that sort of thing I'd have a nice takeaway and an ice-cream from McDonald's but now I'll have to sit there and watch her eat...torture. I guess it really isn't that long though as it starts tonight at 8pm so I can have dinner beforehand and then the rest of the evening and the time I'm sleeping I won't be hungry anyway. So really once I get through Saturday I'll be fine. It would be horrible to be hungry 24/7, for people in developed nations food is such a big part of life, a large portion of our day is spent eating food, making food, preparing for people to come over and eat food with us, making shopping lists for food, the list goes on. The people in non-developed nations hardly have anything interesting to do in the day as their standards of living are so low, so imagine what it would be like without food as well! Then there's the diseases,lack of education and unhygienic conditions to add to that as well! I'm just glad that there is something that I can do to help.

So far I've raised $142 but plan to do some more door knocking tomorrow to collect some last minute donations. I went door knocking round the local neighbourhood last week with a friend but tomorrow I'm going to have to pluck up the courage to go it alone. Once I do one house I'll be fine I'm sure.

Well, I'm off to go eat.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Sketch

Still quite obsessed with Etsy and all the gorgeous products it beholds. I've been looking into buying items for school on it as I'm a huge fan of beautiful stationary. I think it's a unique way to express myself and show my style plus it makes schoolwork just that little bit more fun. I've been looking into handmade exercisebooks with sketches/paintings on the covers and I saw a really beautiful one but alas the pages were blank not lined. Not wanting to miss out on the sweet little sketch I contacted the seller and asked if they'd be able to do the design on a lined exercise book, not only did they agree but they said I could choose any design I wished. I chose to keep the original design of a little girl holding a tree but I asked the seller to change her face and make the owl on the tree a little bigger.

I am so pleased with the final product and the seller added a couple of extra little details too. It's almost too good to use! Check out Trafalgarssquare's Etsy shop here.

While I was on Etsy I also bought this pencil case:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Story of Your Life

"Somehow, everyone knows I'm a virgin" - C o m e t.

"My cell phone's silence really hurts" - carssuck16

"I didn't make High School Musical" - mcn1221

"Must. Get. Offline. Must. Do. Homework." - sparxsollaria

"Finally stopped drawing hearts on everything" - Nick-Nack

"Giving up real-world guys. Pursuing fictional." - 27 Cobalts

"Plotting tattoos, like elaborate revenge schemes." - 07181991

"This school is anything but Hogwarts" - WhatTheWorldDoesn'tKnow

"Biggest lie in America: 'I'm fine.' " - SparkelingGrey

Because babies don't judge anybody." - goldenslumbers

These are just some of the six word memoirs submitted by 13-19 year olds to the Smith Teens site in the hope that they would be added to the book, I Can't Keep My Own Secrets: Six Word Memoirs By Teens Famous & Obscure. The book is from the creators of the adult version,Not Quite What I was Planing:Six Word Memoirs By Famous & Obscure Writers which was a New York bestseller. The book is based around a simple question: Can You Tell The Story Of Your Life in Six Words?

About a year ago I discovered the site and started submitting tons of these memoirs and many of them were featured on the site's homepage which was a success in its self but a couple weeks back I received an email saying one of my memoirs was going to be published in the book along with 600 others from teens around the world! I feel very priveleged as there must have been literally thousands of memoirs submitted. As yet I don't actually know which one of my memoirs got published as the company said it was very complicated to figure it out but a free copy of the book is on its way so I'm sure I shall find out soon. I can't really remember any of my memoirs I submitted but I know several were incriminating to say the least so I'm really hoping it's a 'safe' one as my parents will be seeing the book.

Well I now finally have a claim to fame! I live by the motto "Take every opportunity you can." and in this case it definitely paid off!

The book came out on September 2nd in the US.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back Again

Well,well,well. It's definitely been a long time since I wrote a blog post, over a month! I think my aim now is to post at least 4 posts a month, which is one per week.

I've recently just hopped on the Etsy bandwagon. Incase you don't know it's just another version of Ebay but instead they only sell handmade/vintage items and craft supplies. But one major difference I've noticed with Etsy is that pretty much all the items are of extremely high quality plus scammers are extremely rare and photographs of items are quite often very professional looking. They have some really original products on the site so I'll share some of my currents favourites:

Blackboard Ring

Temporary Barcode Tatoos

Lego USB

Just made my very first Etsy purchase today. A little pricey as it's being shipped from the States but it is so adorably sweet that I think it's worth it. My mum and I always seem to be clueless at what to make for dinner so we usually resort to something either ever so boring or just plain unhealthy so I decided to buy a Mini Meal Planner to help me plan and anything that is pretty definitely is a huge motivater for me. In the planner you can fit 8 weeks worth of dinners in and when I run out I can just photocopy some more!