My American High School Exchange

I have now completed my year abroad :)
For all of 2011 I am living in the United States of America. For years the country had intrigued me as it's mentioned so much in popular culture but I felt I never really had much of a connection with the nation as it was just so far away but I yearned to live there. I had always been somewhat disappointed with Australia and my city, Perth. It just seemed like there was more to life and by staying in Perth I knew I wasn't going to get out of the rut I had created for myself.

I have completed my high school course in Australia but I was never excited about the fact that in my state we have to start university when we're 17 years old when it seems everywhere else in the world teens get a whole extra year at highschool. I didn't feel ready to take on the big bad world of university just yet, I wasn't ready to grow up. I wanted to experience high school as I see it on tv- the sports, the spirit, the clubs and the buzz of activity. And so far I'm feeling it; I feel like I'm finally starting to be 'living the dream'.

This is a year of self-discovery. I'm discovering myself, life and the crazy culture in this glorious nation.
I hope you'll join me in my adventures.