Saturday, May 2, 2009

A picture means a thousand words

I'll give you all another hint about myself and that is that I like picture books. Not just any pictures books but ones with breathtaking illustrations that you could just stare at for hours on end, one's that have a hint of life from the past, vintage children's picture books would have to be my absolute favourite. I just find them so amazing and all the detail and colour used makes them just magic. Here is a picture of one of my favourites, a french picture book translated into english: Around the World with Mouk By Marc Boutavant



-<3-toongen-<3- said...

graeme base's books are the best. As well as this one I have called '1,2 tie my shoe', its the old rhyme with animals doing cool stuff, like ladybugs riding motorbikes..

shivi said...

shivi is a wonderful name its meaning is awesome.