Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

Happy Halloween everybody!

(Don't you just wish you had these as YOUR Halloween costumes?!)

Well it won't be Halloween just yet for you Americans, it feels strange how Australia almost lives in the 'future'. I was sceptic we'd actually have any trick or treaters visit this year but we bought three packets of lollies just in case and good thing we did as that almost wasn't enough! We had three sets of kids come trick or treating, the second group was 6 little kids all dressed up in fancy costumes, two were Michael Jackson which I thought was very sweet. They were so excited when I gave each of them their chocolates and lollies. There was one tiny little boy with them and as the others ran off to the next house I gave him an extra two lollies, and told him not to tell the others ;) Apparently in America you're only allowed to give out wrapped sweets but the rules aren't so strict here so I didn't think the kids would mind having some 'exposed' gummy worms. I've also heard in America you can't gives kids apples as people have slipped razor blades in them! Honestly, why does someone always have to ruin these things?! But on the other hand, Halloween is supposed to be all about the unhealthy, cavity-prone, sickly sweetened candy; not boring old apples.

Anyway, I saw the group of 6 little boys come back down our little cul-de-sac once they finished trick or treating the other houses and we still had candy left so I ran out and asked them if they each wanted one more piece of chocolate, a big "YES!!" came the reply and they all ran up to our front door again. Seriously, you should have seen their faces!

Later we had to drive over to my dad's house and on our way home we got a lovely surprise, a nice big splatter of egg across the windscreen. We stopped the car and tried to look to see who threw it but the nasty people who did it were probably long gone. The least they could have done was say "Trick or treat?". We most definitely would have opted for the "treat" option. But on a more serious note, it was extremely dangerous; it was very dark, very sudden and splattered across the windscreen making it hard to see. Plus it looked pretty revolting.

Thank goodness Halloween only comes once every year!


Michelle G said...

we only got a few kids this year, some cute coustoms, one was a baby in a lion coustom

Janice said...

there is a blogger tag awaiting you on my blog :)

daisy lane said...

i want those halloween costumes!!

Cat said...

Those costumes are awesome! The awesomest in fact. Lovely bog :)
Cat xx

Smileyfreak said...

Brilliant picture! :)

Athena. said...

Ohmygod, too cute!
I used to go trick or treating when I was younger.. I don't know why I stopped... Dressing up and going to parties is fun, though :)

ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

Awesome halloween costumes! Loves them.
I didn't go trick-or-treating this year, plus only a few kids came to my house. But it was still a fairly great day.


Lilee said...

great blog! lol at the pic :)

Joanna said...

Great costumes! And just so you know, the razor blade in the apple story is only an urban legend. The guys on Myth Busters found no reportings of such an incident in their "extensive research" :)

Great blog, too! I found you through cut out and keep and am following!

Lilee said...

great blog! lol at the pic :)

Janice said...

there is a blogger tag awaiting you on my blog :)