Monday, November 16, 2009


The blog shall be on a short hiatus over the next week or so due to a lot of the following. I'm literally counting down the days till my exams are over.

I've added labels(or tags as some people call them) to my all my posts and a little cloud of the labels at the bottom down the left hand side of my blog so you can easily look through certain sub-topics. I've also changed the 'top five blogs I ♥' so make sure to check them out, there's an interesting mix(Not that the previous blogs are any less interesting though).

In other blog news I've received the following blog award from Janice

Three(!) bloggers awarded me this one. (Toongen, BB & Cat)

And this lovely one was from Blaize

Thanks guys! I'm going to be a bit of a rebel and break the rules, I won't be filling out the 7 things about myself and I'm not going to be sending the awards out to 7 people. Instead I shall award the Kreativ Blogger award to one blog(as I believe awards are very special and should be handed out sparingly) and that is Kerri & Eva!

Quick Bento before I leave you all: chicken, avocado, cucumber and snow pea sprouts on cape seed bread with a couple of cherry tomatoes on the side. All in a collapsible sandwich bento box, which has vents out the sides so that your sandwich doesn't go all soggy.



Janice said...


michelle said...

i agree with janice; it indeed looks incredibly yumm. and pretty! lunchtimes would be so much fun if i could be bothered packing it like a bento box (not that lunch isn't fun already, haha).
i love kerri and eva's blog too! it's awesome! :)

samnhal said...

Those look so yummy. What a great idea also, neat. Cute blog.

Michelle G said...

love the bento box

ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

Mmmm ... those sandwiches have made me feel hungry!
You're very popular with the blog tags!

Answering the questions you left on my blog (ЯAWR ARt):
There's a computer program called Illustrator which digitalises scan pictures. And the watermarks were done on paint!

Have fun with your exams =P

xx Blaize.

Anonymous said...

i've given you a blog award
check it out