Friday, January 1, 2010


Hope you all had a lovely New Year and Christmas Day, I feel so giddy about it being the start of a new decade(I'm ignoring the fact that technically the new decade starts in 2011).

It's finally here.

Shame it's not really how the 2000s were depicted in those old futuristic films/tv shows(Think "The Jetsons") But perhaps that was a little too far fetched, I doubt even the 3000's will be like that. I think the closest thing to how I expected the 2000's to be is IKEA. Seems silly how a furniture store could be so advanced but it truly is. I feel they have revolutionised the way people shop and it makes sense. They make the process of shopping simpler and as a 'reward' for shopping there you get cheaper products. And it's the tiniest of details that all add up.

The flat packaging- they save on the decreased cardboard, giving you cheaper prices plus the DIY element of putting the furniture together saves you even more. Not to the mention the adorable and simple picture instructions.

(credit: greenbang)

The provided shopping lists, pencils and measuring tapes. Why didn't people think of them before?

(credit: unilinkbus)

The supplied shopping bags and no plastic bag policy; the store short cuts, making it ten times easier to manouvere round the shop; the beautiful children's creche; the "As-Is" section where you buy disouncted IKEA furniture that has been used or that has slight faults(I used to think it read "A5-15" when I was little and could never figure out what an earth it meant); the fact that they have everchanging showrooms where you can test everything out and see how it really looks plus the market hall where you can buy everything you see.

My favourite part of IKEA though would have to be the restaurant, I love how you serve yourself and the array of foods they have available for you to choose from(Did you notice how they even have jars of baby food available?) for just a couple of dollars. They also sell vegetarian and organic food, which gets a big thumbs up from me. Plus they encourage everyone to put away their own trays, which I whole-heartedly support. I really hate when people leave all their leftovers on the tables when it would take them less than 60 seconds to put it away. The cleaners already have plenty to do with cleaning away spills/dropped food and clearing away all the china/glass, plates and cups.

(credit: fredtexas)

And just to top it all off, you can buy the food they sell at the restaurant and cook it at home yourself. Next time I'm wanting to buy their organic pasta sauce, which for the quantity is far cheaper than the organic versions in the supermarkets.

(credit: ikea)

What I'm trying to get at is that I expected the noughties and the tens(anyone got a better name for the new decade?) to be a bit more innovative, simple and more eco-conscious. I guess I'll be visiting IKEA more often. Perhaps even on an ikea bike?

Several days ago my mum and I visited IKEA just to eat lunch there. That's just how awesome we think it is.


Toongen said...

I've bought a couple of issues of Frankie, one only a few weeks ago. It has some cool stuff in there, but not really my taste. I've never seen Peppermint, but I shall google it.

Xoxo.. Toongen..

Anonymous said...

Aww I remember you buying me some of that pasta in the shape of mosse heads :)

Smileyfreak said...

I was in IKEA recently and bought two amazing red bucket chairs,they are so comfy!! :) My favourite part is the food hall too,cheap and cheerful and YUMMY!!! :) I couldn't ask for more

Michelle G said...

I bought a great fold up bed at Ikea once, the cloest one is in Ontario.

so I am out of luck

anyway hello 2010

TheLittleFlower said...

One of the things that I really love about IKEA,is their ice-cream. Its really good!! & the hotdog too :)

And thanks for potinting out my typos. At least now my sentences won't look so weird :)

ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

Those portrayals of the 2000s really irritate me. (In Back To The Future everybody wears high-waist jeans, and drive around in flying old cars. Like, seriously?)
And I love IKEA! It has to be by far the best store around.
Happy 2010 ♥

xx Blaize.