Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's all in the list.

When I was back in Australia I longed for the weekend, it was both a break from school but also chance to catch-up on work and chill with my family. Now that I'm in America and school isn't as strenuous and my host family situation isn't working out so well the weekends haven't been so great for me. Until this weekend that is. I conned my mum into letting me order a to-do list off BoyGirlParty's etsy store as an 'easter' present(as I don't eat chocolate or lollies). I had a lovely to-do list notepad back in Aus but I didn't end up taking it with me to the US and I had been missing it so. And no matter what anyone says it is not nearly as efficient, practical or satisfying to write a checklist on a scrap piece of paper- it will just not do. I absolutely adore my current to-do list; it has just the right amount of lines and has a 'do later' column which is actually really practical because you still get to cross something off(so you can achieve that feeling of to-do-list-completion satisfaction) and it acts as a reminder to complete the task the next day. One of the things Miranda Kerr discusses in her Treasure Yourself book(this post) is that productivity is key and I'm quite sure there is a to-do list mention in her book somewhere.

Without my list for the weekend I know I wouldn't have been anywhere near as productive nor happy for that matter. I did a bunch of exercising( when I say a bunch I mean about 45 mins worth which is probably peanuts for other fitness junkies out there) as I need to keep be trim and slim for my upcoming cruise to Mexico with my exchange group this coming weekend. I contacted one of my exchange student friends' host sisters about possibly staying with her family in the summer holidays as they live up in the mountains by a huge canyon, have horses and do water sports so I thought that would entertain me over the ridiculously long break. I was somewhat nervous about asking but having it down on the list made me just go for it. I also did a truckload of cleaning(again, my truckload is probably the equivalent of a toy sandpit truck in comparison to some cleaning crazies out there) and made VEGAN banana bread! We didn't have any eggs so I decided to make the recipe from this vegan cookbook my hostmom had as she's on a vegan spree at the moment. It uses Veganaise as the fat instead of eggs! I was kind of worried as I don't like mayonnaise anyway but luckily you couldn't taste it at all and the loaf turned out fantastic! So delicious that my exchange sister, Hannah said that we have to make another loaf tomorrow because she knows we'll finish it so fast!

So how was your weekend?

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