Saturday, November 20, 2010

During last year's summer holiday I compiled a list of things I wanted to complete over the period from December 09' to January 10' and I did have a few of the things crossed off the list but I've since revamped it a touch and I have put together a list of things I want to do before I leave for my exchange to America. Luckily I've finished earlier this year due to year 12 exams; my last exam was on the 15th of November whereas the lower grades(except the 11th graders who also have exams) at my school will continue their schooling until mid December. As I have no school looming in Australia for 2011 I have no excuse not to get cracking on the following before my departure on the 4th of January:

-sew a piece of clothing

-crochet/knit something

-dye my hair with sage leaves

-write a song

-re-learn the piano

-read the 2nd harry potter book

-complete travel journal from china

-complete a puzzle

-print photos from my computer

-organise photo albums

-bake pumpkin scones

-put up posters in my room

-make banana icypoles

-submit an app idea

-organise visa for the USA

-watch Camp Rock 2

-complete scholarship application for exchange

-find christmas present for my mum

Well I'll have lots to keep me busy for the next couple of weeks and lots of things to blog about so I shall report back frequently to let you know how I'm progressing. Golly, I love a good to-do list!

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